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Are You Registered?

Due to recent court decisions, you may register using the Federal Form (See home page)

On-line form here (Provided by

LWVKansas recommends that we use the Federal Form to register voters. On-line form here (Provided by With the Federal Form, you do not need to submit proof that you are a citizen, but you must be a citizen. You will be able to vote a full, regular ballot on Election Day. You will not be put on a Suspense List. You will, however, need to check where your polling place is by going online at or to Voter View, for polling place. You may also contact your county clerk at your county courthouse.

If you do have proof of citizenship, we encourage you to submit it to your county clerk.

The links below will often return you to the existing Kansas sites, which require to proof of citizenship to be able to register in the first place. This is not required if you have completed the Federal Form (On-line form here). We are continuing to run these links for the other information provided.

Find information about the next local election and your polling place. Register at .....County Clerk's Office, 110 Court House Plaza, Manhattan KS 66502 , with the Federal Form(Also here) (Mail to your county clerk), and Kansas State form, on-line (This form requires proof of citizenship) Remember if you use this state form, send copies not the originals of your citizenship documents.

You will be fully registered with the Federal Form.

Register to Vote

Your Vote Counts!

Are you registered to vote? Do you want to change your party, your address, your name? Do you know you can do this on-line (Provided by

You may also register using the Kansas form online (You will need to provide proof of citizenship with the Kansas form. Here is a video to get you started if you are using the Kansas form. [not recommended])

In Riley County, you may begin registration at several sites,(ie. at the Driver's license bureau, (Kansas form)online(Not Recommended), and with the Federal Form. You must submit your application in person, on-line,or by mail to County Clerk's Office, 110 Court House Plaza, Manhattan KS 66502 If you do not use the Federal Form (on-line version) you will need to send in proof of Citizenship and the following rules apply. If You Use the Kansas Form (not recommended)

  • You need to have proof of citizenship if you are registering for the first time.
  • You must re-register if you have changed your name or address, though you do not need to prove citizenship at that time.
  • To vote, you need to bring a picture ID with you when you vote. You may qualify for a free ID
  • Even if you have filled out the registration forms, if you use the Kansas form, you are not registered until you have submitted proof of citizenship in person, by e-mail, fax, or photo to the county clerk.
  • You will receive a card in the mail when you are registered. This will list your polling place, place to vote. Check to make sure that everything is accurate.
  • Be sure to take your registration card with you, in case there are any problems.

The following are some sites for free documentation:

When you have finished...Congratulations! You are ready to Vote!

Other sites for information:

Una Guía de Votación en Kansas

Una Guía de Votación en Kansas

Donde' es una otra forma para Kansas

Important Update Because this is still being argued in the courts, LWVKansas recommends that individuals register with the Federal Form. With this form, you do not need to submit proof of citizenship, but you do need to be a citizen. You will be able to vote a full ballot on Election Day. You may need to contact your county clerk to find out where to vote.

If You Have a Problem Voting...

If you are stopped from voting:

  • You may ask for a provisional ballot, though not all offices will be listed. If you can prove you are registered, your vote will count. (follow the HAVA guidelines below.)

  • A formal complaint can be filed under Title III of HAVA, The Help America Vote Act, if you have trouble with:
  • *Voting equipment
  • *Accessibility
  • *Alternative language
  • *Provisional voting
  • *Central voter registration
  • *Posting of election information at polling places
  • *Identification of voters

You may follow these steps to attempt to correct the mistake. You have a time deadline. You must file your complaint within 30 days after the problem occurred.

If You Have Served Your Time...

In Kansas, you may get back your voting rights after completing prison time and/or probation after a felony conviction. You are eligible to vote in Kansas. You still must register to vote. It is not done automatically on your release.

"A felon who loses voting rights may re-register to vote after their sentence is completed. The county election officer does not automatically restore the person's name to the registration list. When registering to vote, the felon is not required to submit proof of final discharge. The voter registration application form contains an affidavit above the signature line attesting that the person's rights have been restored. Signing a false affidavit is a felony, which could result in loss of voting rights upon conviction." From the Office of Kansas Secretary of State, Voting Eligibility